Ireland, I’m Coming Home!

Holy moly, we’re going to Ireland in less than two weeks. We have been so busy with “real life” lately that we’ve hardly had time to bask in a travel countdown. Shame on us. So here goes…WE’RE GOING TO IRELAND! This will be Bryan’s second visit to the Emerald Isle and my first. I’ve wanted to visit Ireland for as long as I can remember. It has always been at the top of my travel list because for the most part, I’m of Irish decent. My great, great paternal grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland in the mid-1800s. Because the Irish were looked down upon in some states, he dropped the “O” in our last name and added a “Y” to the end, thus erasing any hint of Irish decent. Unfortunately, I have no clue what part of Ireland he came from, however, just setting foot in the country where my ancestors lived will be special.

Since Bryan has been to Dublin before there are a few places he is dying to take me, the first, a no-brainer, Guinness Storehouse. I cannot wait to taste the sweet nectar of a freshly (and properly poured) Guinness. I’m also dying to dig into a big hearty bowl of Guinness stew!


We are often working on borrowed time when we travel–packing in as much as possible in a few days here and there. This trip is no different, we have four days to experience as much of Ireland (primarily Dublin) as possible. Sure, we’d LOVE to spend a leisurely two weeks making our way around the country but we’re happy to get a 4-day taste. So, after plotting and planning and researching and reading, here is the itinerary we’ve come up with so far. Granted, we like to try to come up with a game plan but we don’t always stick to it. We like to keep ourselves open to what fun we may stumble upon. Besides, that’s usually how the best memories are made!

Tuesday-Depart for Ireland w/ a layover in ATL. Any must hit spots in the Atlanta airport?

Wednesday-Arrive in Dublin around 7AM, drop off our bags and get to it! No sleep for the weary. We can catch up on zzz’s when were older. Right?!

  • Breakfast at Slattery’s Bar–we saw this little gem on The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. It opens at 7am daily! It’s rare to find anything open early for breakfast in Europe, so since we’ll be up and at em’, we figure we’ll give it a whirl. The rest of the day we hope to hit up most (or all) of these spots:
  • Trinity College
  • Dublin Castle
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Penny Bridge
  • Lunch at Alt Dubliner
  • Explore Temple Bar
  • Drinks at mircobrewery Messrs Maguire

Thursday-Head to Howth for the first half of the day. Bryan visited Howth in 2006 and loved this little seaside town. I am super excited to see it for myself. After a morning and afternoon in Howth, we’ll hightail it back to Dublin and checkout the National Museum, stroll around Grafton Street, grab dinner at the Stag’s Head and seek out some authentic Irish tunes.

Friday– The plan is to check out the Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum. Glasnevin is supposed to be a great resource for Irish genealogy so I am hoping to take what little facts I do know about my ancestors and see if I can trace any of our history. At some point, we also want to squeeze in St Michans Church then lunch at the Guinness Storehouse. That evening we are seeing the broadway production of the movie Once at the historic Gaiety Theater. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack, you’re missing out. Bryan and I saw the movie together when we first started dating so it will be really cool to see the live production in Dublin.

Saturday-Inspired by all the natural beauty we witnessed in Iceland, we want to get a taste of what Ireland has to offer. We’re hoping a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher will satisfy that craving. That evening, we’ll spend our last night in Dublin listening to Irish music and chatting it up with some locals.

Are we missing anything?



Temple Bar 2006
Temple Bar 2006